GEOFLOW Subsurface Drip Dispersal Documents and Permits for the New England States

BioMicrobics manufactures onsite wastewater treatment products for residential and commercial properties. With installations around the world, the BioMicrobics FAST® system provides superior effluent quality for a variety of applications, such as single family homes, subdivisions, strip malls, restaurants, office complexes, and many more. Please check your state’s regulatory website for the latest updates in general design and product specific requirements.

Files are in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file format.

Connecticut Maine

No documents available at this time.

State of Maine Subsurface Wastewater Team

Massachusetts New Hampshire

Title 5 Innovative/Alternative Technology Approval at Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

GEOFLOW Design Manual New Hamphire

GEOFLOW Dripline ITA Approval Transmittal Letter NH

Rhode Island Vermont

OWTS Alternative and Experimental Technologies for the State of Rhode Island

Innovative Alternative Approved Systems and Products for the State of Vermont


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