BioMicrobics FAST®, BioBarrier and SeptiTech 

BioMicrobics manufactures onsite wastewater treatment products for residential and commercial properties. With installations around the world, BioMicrobics Onsite Wastewater Treatment system provide superior effluent quality for a variety of applications, such as single family homes, subdivisions, strip malls, restaurants, office complexes, and many more.


BioMicrobics FAST® has been providing onsite treatment solutions in New England since the implementation of Title 5 in Massachusetts in 1995. The FAST® technology has been used throughout the country for over 35 years, and on large scale applications in Massachusetts for over 20 years.

With over 3,000 installations throughout New England, FAST® has proven itself to be a reliable and effective treatment technology to meet or exceed effluent quality standards for virtually any application. FAST is the first and only technology to earn the Massachusetts “General Use Denitrification Permit”; allowing FAST to be used for residential properties within a Zone 11 and receive 660 gpd/acre. This approval process requires 50 units be tested for a minimum of 3 years, and show an effluent quality of 19 mg/L TN or less in 90% of the systems.

A few features of the FAST® technology are:

  • Only one moving part, an above ground blower provides air for the aerobic treatment process.
  • Media within the FAST® module provides a high surface-to-volume ratio to maintain microbial growth for treatment during low, average, and peak usage.
  • Typically treatment occurs in ONE tank.
  • FAST® provides a robust and resilient treatment option that is ideal for commercial applications as well as residential.

BioMicrobics is continuously looking for new and innovative ways to meet the needs of the onsite wastewater treatment industry. Their new BioBarrier® treatment system brings membrane technology to the onsite market. Designed for use in both single family homes and commercial applications, the BioBarrier® consistently delivers high quality effluent, with TN concentrations of less than 10 mg/L. For the quality of treatment, it is the most affordable onsite MBR system on the market today.

A few features of the BioBarrier® technology are:

  • Utilizing flat sheet membrane technology allows the BioBarrier® to provide a robust process, and a versatile design for various onsite needs.
  • The membrane sheets act as a physical barrier to nearly all common pollutants found in wastewater, including fecal coliform and pharmaceutical products.
  • The BioBarrier® is a Membrane BioReactor which uses a combination of biological processes along with membrane filtration, producing a consistent, highly clean effluent.


In 2013, BioMicrobics finalized the acquisition of SeptiTech, LLC. With the addition of the SeptiTech® line to their treatment system offerings, BioMicrobics can provide even more solutions for onsite commercial wastewater and residential septic system applications.

SeptiTech® STARR™ is a biological trickling filter system that has been certified to EPA’s ETV (Environmental Technology Verification), NSF/ANSI Standard 40, Class 1 and NSF/ANSI Standard 245 for Nitrogen Reduction. Standard treatment achieves 98% BOD and TSS removal and for nitrogen reduction systems, SeptiTech® STARR consistently treats domestic wastewater to levels of Total Nitrogen of 19 mg/L or below.

A few features of the SeptiTech® STARR™ systems are:

  • Consistent Hi-Level Treatment: treatment fluctuation is minimized regardless of water use patterns. Provides excellent nitrogen removal.
  • Rapid Start-up: full treatment capability in less than 2 weeks
  • Proven Track Record: over 1,750 systems in the ground in 20 states
  • Range of flows: can be used for residential or commercial use – from 1 bedroom homes to commercial sites with flows of thousands of gallons per day.
  • Flexible Operation: easy, onsite control customization. System will go into sleep mode during extended time periods of inactivity, which allows for very efficient process control and conserves energy. A great option for seasonal sites!
  • Managed Treatment Process: PLC customizes treatment, monitors pumps, floats, and alarms and collects operating data.
  • Easy Installation: no onsite assembly is required of the contractor. Built-in discharge pumps often means that no separate pump chamber is required, reducing installation time and expense.

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