GEOFLOW Subsurface Drip Dispersal

GEOFLOW Subsurface Drip Dispersal has the largest drip installation base in New England, and continues to grow every year. GEOFLOW has proven to be a cost effective, innovative alternative to traditional leach fields. The 1/2” diameter drip tubing is installed just 6-10” below the surface, in many instances reducing or eliminating the need for a mound system. The tubing can also be pulled directly into existing soils, making for a quick and easy installation and greatly reducing the disturbance to the site.

GEOFLOW is approved for use in MA, RI, NH, ME and VT. Typically our permits allow for a reduction to either groundwater or a reduction in field size. GEOFLOW can be used on sloped sites, treed sites, sites with ledge or high groundwater issues; making it a great alternative to use on difficult applications.

A few features of the GEOFLOW dripline are:

  • VERSITILE - GEOFLOW can be installed using existing contours, in and around trees, ledge outcroppings, or landscaped areas. GEOFLOW can be adapted to fit your site requirements and can often be used where other leach fields cannot.
  • UNIQUE - GEOFLOW dripline is manufactured with an anti-bacterial lining, Geoshield™, which inhibits bacterial growth on the walls of the tubing. This lining eliminates the need to maintain a scouring velocity resulting in smaller pump requirements and the ability to run longer lines.
  • QUALITY - Emitters in the GEOFLOW dripline feature nano-ROOTGUARD®, which is impregnated into the emitters during manufacturing. This Treflan® barrier prevents roots from penetrating and clogging emitters, without the added use of chemicals for cleaning. The nano-ROOTGUARD® comes with a 15 year warranty.
  • SIMPLE - A typical single home installation will have no moving parts in the field. This allows for reduced installation and maintenance costs. For larger or commercial applications, GEOFLOW offers a full line of multi-zone and automated field and filter flushing.

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